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👋 Hi I’m Alex, I work in Mental Health & Technology.

I’m currently Co-Founder and CEO of Palette Well-being. Palette is a new startup focused on digitizing expressive therapies such as art therapy, music therapy, and more.

Our team

Our team has recent experience in successfully receiving NHS approval and has built products recommended throughout the UK. This is our latest startup based in the US.

Would love to meet you!

Are you interested in working on early stage mental health product development? We’re looking for advisors, mentors, or collaborators looking for hands-on experience. Feel free to reach out to our CEO Alex Rothera (


Alex's past work includes:

  1. Cofounder of Cove: Cove is a music making app that helps you improve your mental health by making music. We're currently supported by the National Health Service as a recommended digital service to improve your mental and emotional health.

  2. Google Product Manager: I founded and led projects focused on families and children’s literacy. A career highlight was having my project used by Kristen Bell.

  3. Disney Imagineering: Amazing stories for another time include designing a ride for Disney’s Avatar world & backstage tours of Disney robotics

Alex Rothera
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