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David is a trained clinical psychologist with a focus in neuropsycholgy and worked in hospitals, outpatient and day-rehab settings.

In his previous position at the Defense Health Agency, Dr. Cooper led teams to develop mobile and web-based applications to improve the lives of servicemembers, veterans and their dependents. He also conducted research into how the apps were being used and how they could be improved. This included several mind-body interventions including apps for diaphragmatic breathing, heart-rate variability and mindfulness meditation.

Currently in his position at Xealth, Dr. Cooper works with hospital systems across the US to define, implement and measure the effectiveness of their digital health strategies and portfolios. This experience means that Dr. Cooper has the ability to successfully manage diverse project resources, develop reasonable project plans, budgets and timelines, and a real-world understanding of the business of implementing digital health solutions with patients and health systems.

David Cooper
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