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Hi! I've been in tech/IT for some time and am trying to cross over into the mental health space 🤓 I hit a turning point in my life where I recognized the definition of success had drastically changed for me. As such, I removed myself from an Executive MBA program here in Dallas, Texas to set on an entire career change into therapy. I'm currently trying to find a way to shift into the field, and ultimately more meaningful work, as I continue to work on the education and licensure piece. I'm here to learn and be open.

I'm a certified Project Manager (PMP). I recently held a leadership position on a multi-year company wide system migration project but took a step back to reprioritize; I am now working as a Sr. Business Analyst while taking pre-requisites as the start to my educational journey to become a licensed counselor (planning to start a Masters in Counseling Psychology in Fall 2023; I currently hold a B.B.A).

I am adept at many things "IT" including process improvement, Tableau, ERP's (SAP primarily), master data analysis and governance, and I am currently being trained to become an RPA developer (Robotic Process Automation).

Please give me a shout if you have any tips, opportunities, or just to connect. I'm really looking forward to this new direction in my life!

Kristina Krause
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