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A little about me: My passion and work is treating digital illnesses (i.e. gaming disorder) but more imprortanly promoting digital wellness!

A lot more about me: Formerly in banking, I am a psychotherapist and family coach who specializes in treating adolescents and adults with Gaming Disorder and other technology based problematic behaviors, as well as cooccuring ADHD, anxiety and depression. I also serve as Programs Director at Game Quitters where I co-created our family program, RECLAIM.

I recieved my Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and have specialized training in CBT, EMDR, and Gaming Disorder. I am a member of the Digital Wellness Collective, the NASW, Children's Action Screen Time Network Mental Health Working Group as well as being a participant in numerous activist groups oriented towards the development of ethical and humane technology. I also hold the designation of Certified School Social Worker in the state of Connecticut.

Proudest about: My three children who inspired me to follow my passion.

Nadja Streiter, LMSW
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