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I started my career as a psychologist in the Philippines where I co-founded group private practice more than 15 years ago. I served mostly youth and families for over a decade and eventually worked with adults. I have experience in play therapy, group therapy for children, individual therapy, assessment and research. I have seen clients who present with learning difficulties, neurodevelopmental issues, parenting concerns, depression, anxiety and OCD. Aside from group practice, I worked at school and hospital settings, working the longest in the first two areas, playing multiple roles as a clinician, leader, researcher and mentor. I moved to California where I'm in the process of obtaining my license as a psychologist. Adjusting to a new culture and restarting a career are not easy tasks, despite the tremendous personal and professional growth I experienced in the past few years. As I navigate this new career phase, I hope to network and gain community with fellow professionals to share thoughts on their own career paths and how they found their way to where they are at present.

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Zsa Zsa Briones, PhD

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