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Mar 30, 2023

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To improve access to high quality mental health care

Venture Capital-backed


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Foresight Mental Health
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Current/Recent Therapist Employees - Written Reviews

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Foresight Mental Health
They try to justify not paying therapists for their time (i.e. meetings) and have even cut down on supervision and meetings to cut costs while C-suite staff continue to get their full salaries. The stipend that they promised to provide therapists while they grow their caseloads were also cut. CEO hosts town halls that last 1.5 hours which provides pertinent information about what is going on at the company but doesn't think he should pay staff to attend. CEO also uses outdated problematic language when referring to the subject of sexual orientation and gender identity ("sexual preference" and "gender preference"). CEO also subtly blamed transgender folk for billing errors because they submitted the "wrong information" (i.e didn't disclose their legal name or sex assigned at birth). The issue however was with whoever was collecting intake information from potential clients that didn't have enough knowhow or training about trans needs and how to collect needed information. There is also the issue of longevity. Foresight almost went bankrupt in May 2022 and their procedures continue to not make sense from a business perspective. If it lasts into 2023, I will be surprised. They also bill insurance $250 per session but pay therapists less than a 5th of that per session.
Don't trust Glassdoor reviews. The negative reviews have been removed and they have been trying to incentivize/push staff to write positive ones. There have been a lot of mismanagement and lack of understanding of what is needed to run a mental health start-up. Do not trust the promises that they make. So many promises have already been broken (major layoffs for ops teams leaving therapists to do more work with no increase in pay). If you are of color, queer, trans, or have a disability, I would say to get away as fast as possible and be prepared to be misgendered, experience micro aggressions, and be dismissed. There is no support for folks with oppressed identities. The DEIB team runs monthly events that are superficial at best. There is no ongoing DEIB workshops or training at all. Staff employed at Foresight have no collective understanding of oppressed identities and Foresight does not give them any baseline training. Therapists get paid less than a 5th of the fee that the company is getting reimbursed for by insurance and that is not made up for in benefits or operation support. Foresight almost went bankrupt in May 2022 and their procedures continue to not make sense from a business perspective. If it lasts into 2023, I will be surprised. The lack of foresight put into building this company is phenomenal (not enough research done on mental health licensing/requirements for each state, not enough legwork in gathering potential clients prior to hiring therapists, etc). I can go on and on but the bottomline is to be very wary.
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