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I am a master's level Marriage and Family Therapist in WA state. I have been in private practice for 6+ years ( and have prior experience working in the emergency department, at a mental health agency, at CPS, as a researcher at the University of WA and Whitter College, and as a crisis responder for schools. Focusing on my passion, treating those impacted by OCD and anxiety related disorders, my practice serves individuals and families from children through adults. In addition to my education, some highlights include: I am a graduate of the International OCD Foundation Behavioral Tech Training Institute, trained in Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, and I am certified in delivering the Prepare-Enrich Curriculum, and Gottman Level 1. In parternership with a colleage, I also co-facilitate a parent group. All of my work is centered around applying EBPs to maximize treatment outcomes (the world of CBT, ERP, and ACT in particular). Branching out into consulting and education is a goal of mine. As a WA state approved supervisor and a regular consultant to other therapists, I feel ready to shift my advisory roles to a broader audience. I am excited about the intersection of mental health and tech, and would love to be part of this movement. I look forward to connecting, consulting, and collaborating!

Michele Loewy, MS, LMFT
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